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  • Biblioteca Municipală „B.P. Hasdeu”; Șpac, Ion; Kulikovski, Lidia; Pohilă, Vlad; Pânzari, Ludmila; Filip, Eugenia; Grăjdianu, Elena (Bons Offices, 2006)
    Arhivele Basarabiei este o revistă de istorie şi geografie a Moldovei, editată la Chişinău, din 1929 până în 1938, trimestrial, sub conducerea profesorilor universitari T. Gh. Bulat şi C. N. Tomescu. Arhivele Bessarabiei ...
  • Biblioteca Municipală „B.P. Hasdeu”; Kulikovski, Lidia; Herţa, Valeriu (Magna-Princeps, 2011)
    The Bessarabian Ex-Libris Creators Dictionary includes twenty-eight graphic artists, present with a few works each, complete with biographical data: date and place of birth, studies, activities, group exhibitions, personal ...
  • Biblioteca Municipală „B.P. Hasdeu”; Dimitrov, Alex (Epigraf, 2007)
    The edition was edited on the occasion of the 130th anniversary of years of Municipal Library B.P. Hasdeu and contains a collection of 113 caricatures on the subject Book and library signed by the caricaturist Alex Dimitrov, ...
  • Biblioteca Hristo Botev; Olărescu, Angela; Societatea Știinţifică de Bulgaristică din Republica Moldova (Lexon-Prim, 2022)
    The edition reveals the life and work of journalist Maria Veliksar, TV presenter of Bulgarian origin from the Republic of Moldova.
  • Olărescu, Angela (S.n., 2017)
    The work includes: Anthem of the city of Cricova, Coat of Arms and Flag of the city of Cricova, scanned texts from monographs, collections, periodical publications regarding the socio-economic and cultural development of ...
  • Pâslaru, Adrian; Carp, Oleg; Biblioteca Municipală „B.P. Hasdeu”; Filiala „Onisifor Ghibu” (Notograf Prim, 2012)
    The volume „Melopee pentru început de mileniu trei” is an anthology of poetry and prose signed by Adrian Pâslaru, Stela Pitușcan, Alexandra Bobu, Ronin Terente, Denis Chirtoacă, Ion Coșeriu, Vlad Tiganas, Radu Raiu, Anastasia ...
  • Opt’ 
    Crudu, Dumitru; Biblioteca Municipală „B.P. Hasdeu” (S.n., 2017)
    The book Opt' is an anthology of 8 young poets from the Republic of Moldova. The poems were written during the poetry and prose sessions of the "Vlad Ioviță" Workshop organized at the Municipal Library "B.P. Hasdeu" from Chisinau.
  • Biblioteca Municipală „B.P. Hasdeu”; Diviza, Ion; Frișcu, Alexandru-Horațiu (Epigraf, 2007)
    The book contains a selection of epigrams about libraries, librarians, books, readers, epigram authors, including 2 indexes. The selection of epigrams was carried out by Ion Deviza and Alexandru-Horațiu Frișcu. The book ...
  • Biblioteca Municipală „B.P. Hasdeu”; Biblioteca Publică de Drept; Antufiev, Silvia; Tașcă, Mihai (Cartea juridică, 2016)
    The encyclopedic dictionary Doctori în drept din Republica Moldova, 1959-2011 includes the biographies of personalities who contributed to the development of jurisprudence in the Republic of Moldova.
  • Crudu, Dumitru (Biblioteca Municipală B.P. Hasdeu, 2012)
    The Casa verde book is an anthology signed by 16 young poets and prose writers from the Republic of Moldova. The texts were written during a literature school organized by the Ștefan cel Mare Library, a branch of the ...
  • Biblioteca Municipală „B.P. Hasdeu” (30.12.2010)
  • Filiala din Chişinău a Inst. Intern. de Monitorizare a Dezvoltării Democraţiei, Parlamentarismului şi Respectării Drepturilor Electorale ale Cetăţenilor din Statele Membre ale AIP CSI (2017)
    The social role of public legal information centers in libraries is very important.The libraries are consolidating as subjects of social influence on the population. Multifunctional public information centers can become ...
  • Biblioteca Municipală „B.P. Hasdeu” (Biblioteca Municipala „B.P. Hasdeu”, 2009)
    The role of the manual is to graphically present the unit of the BM network, to create a unique visual unit.
  • Biblioteca Municipală „B.P. Hasdeu”; Filiala „Transilvania” (MaxiPrint, 2015)
    This magazine is the result of dozens of activities dedicated to the great personalities of the Romanian people, tributes, meetings with Bessarabian poets and writers.
  • Caranfil, Ninela; Biblioteca Municipală „B.P. Hasdeu” (S. n., 2017)
    Ninela Caranfil organizes a striking gallery of extremely worthy, talented men, exceptional professionals, patriots fervent, good family members. Most of them are theater people: actors, directors, joined by artists and ...
  • Crudu, Dumitru; Biblioteca Municipală „B.P. Hasdeu” (S. n., 2014)
    The book „Priviri pe furiș" seems primarily to be a manifesto of the literary critic and essayist Dumitru Crudu. The pages of the volume contain a writing that some want consider a corpus of critical texts, others will ...
  • Biblioteca Municipală „B.P. Hasdeu”; Filiala „Onisifor Ghibu” (S. n., 2015)
    This anthological volume is an editorial collection of rigorous selection of beginners in writing poetry. The Club of Barefoot Poets operates within the "Onisifor Ghibu" Library.
  • Pohilă, Vlad (Prometeu, 2008)
    The author presents a book on the protection and cultivation of the Romanian language, consisting of 7 chapters, includes articles, essays, prefaces and reviews written over the years, which have appeared in the press.
  • Biblioteca Municipală „B.P. Hasdeu”; Filiala „Transilvania” (S. n., 2013-05)
    This magazine is the result of dozens of activities dedicated to the great personalities of the Romanian people, tributes, meetings with Bessarabian poets and writers.

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