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  • Crudu, Dumitru (Biblioteca Municipală „B.P. Hasdeu”, 2013)
    The emotional experience of the writer who highlighted the inside of a library
  • Biblioteca Municipală „B.P. Hasdeu” (Biblioteca Municipală „B.P. Hasdeu”, 2021-03-30)
    Municipal Library „B.P. Hasdeu "organizes the launch of the reading contest "Battle of the books", the 7th edition, made in partnership with the County Library "Octavian Goga" in Cluj-Napoca, Romania. The event took place ...
  • Biblioteca Municipală „B.P. Hasdeu” (Biblioteca Municipală „B.P. Hasdeu”, 2021-02-09)
    On the International Day of Reading Together, the Municipal Library „B.P. Hasdeu” launched a new edition of the reading program" Chișinăul citește ". The event took place on February 3, 2021, at the Central Library, with ...
  • Biblioteca Municipală „B.P. Hasdeu” (Biblioteca Municipală „B.P. Hasdeu”, 2021-04-15)
    On April 15, the Launch of Creativity and Innovation Week 2021 took place. Through this video spot, we started this event. Communicators: the general director of the ML „B.P. Hasdeu” Mariana Harjevschi and Deputy Director ...
  • Biblioteca Municipală „B.P. Hasdeu”; Ungureanu, Larisa (Biblioteca Municipală „B.P. Hasdeu”, 2019-12-20)
    The film study "Chișinăul în filme", signed by Larisa Ungureanu, continues the series of publications dedicated to Chisinau - Chișinăuiana. The work is dedicated to the cinematographic art about Chisinau, it manages to pay ...
  • Biblioteca Municipală „B.P. Hasdeu” (Biblioteca Municipală „B.P. Hasdeu”, 2012)
    The work is dedicated to the activity of theater critic Larisa Ungureanu, who promotes the image of theater and film in Moldova
  • Biblioteca Municipală „B.P. Hasdeu”; Biblioteca Publică de Drept (Biblioteca Municipală „B.P. Hasdeu”, 2020)
    LawDocs is an online legal document delivery service. It took place during a pandemic, between March and May 2020. It was organized by the Public Law Library.
  • Biblioteca Municipală „B.P. Hasdeu”; Filiala „Onisifor Ghibu” (S. n., 2015)
    Antologia de față are drept intenţie să prezinte viziunile şi atitudinile scriitorilor basarabeni contemporani de limbă română faţă de lectură ca experienţă estetică şi socială, față de carte ca fenomen cultural şi economic ...
  • Biblioteca Municipală „B.P. Hasdeu” (Biblioteca Municipală „B.P. Hasdeu”, 2020)
    Civic initiative launched by the Municipal Library for children aged 7-12.
  • Biblioteca Municipală „B.P. Hasdeu”; Filiala „Transilvania” (TipoMoldova, 2019)
    This biobibliography is dedicated to the prose writer, essayist, translator, critic and literary historian Leo Butnaru. The work consists of 1602 bibliographic descriptions, it will be useful to those interested in the ...
  • Biblioteca Municipală „B.P. Hasdeu”; Centrul de Informare și Documentare „Chișinău” (Elan Poligraf, 2006)
    This work, conceived as a jubilee one, totals about 250 materials by and about Lidia Kulikovski, general director of the Municipal Library „B.P. Hasdeu ”, associate professor. The biobibliography includes materials from 1991-2006.
  • Biblioteca Municipală „B.P. Hasdeu”; Biblioteca Județeană „George Coșbuc” Bistrița-Năsăud; Tutun, Irina (Casa Cărţii de Ştiinţă, 2014)
    Liviu Rebreanu — creator de destine: catalog-bibliografie, is a joint project of the Municipal Library „B.P. Hasdeu” from Chisinau and the Bistrița-Năsăud County Library from Romania. The aim of the bibliography is to ...
  • Kulikovski, Lidia (Biblioteca Municipală B.P. Hasdeu, 2020)
    This book provide a set of relevant material to librarians in public libraries for a better organization of recreational services, "equipping" them with knowledge necessary to ensure the functionality of this type of service ...
  • Biblioteca Municipală „B.P. Hasdeu” (Biblioteca Municipala „B.P. Hasdeu”, 2009)
    The role of the manual is to graphically present the unit of the BM network, to create a unique visual unit.
  • Biblioteca Municipală „B.P. Hasdeu” (Biblioteca Municipală „B.P. Hasdeu”, 2017-10-17)
    The users' marathon was attended by users from public libraries, who had the opportunity to develop skills and competencies, through various forms of interaction, such as: trainings, brainstorming, discussions, experiments, ...
  • Biblioteca Municipală „B.P. Hasdeu” (Biblioteca Municipală „B.P. Hasdeu”, 2018-10-18)
    Users Marathon, 2018 edition, as part of the Municipal Library Days „B.P. Hasdeu ”, took place on October 18 and focused on creating digital content. The participants acquired new skills, contributing to the creation of ...
  • Ungureanu, Elena; Tâmbur, Zinaida (Biblioteca Municipală B.P. Hasdeu, 2022-08-31)
    The monograph is dedicated to the renowned linguist Maria Cosniceanu, doctor of philology, who worked all her life at the Institute of Philology of the Academy of Sciences of Moldova. The volume includes: note on the ...
  • Pâslaru, Adrian; Carp, Oleg; Biblioteca Municipală „B.P. Hasdeu”; Filiala „Onisifor Ghibu” (Notograf Prim, 2012)
    The volume „Melopee pentru început de mileniu trei” is an anthology of poetry and prose signed by Adrian Pâslaru, Stela Pitușcan, Alexandra Bobu, Ronin Terente, Denis Chirtoacă, Ion Coșeriu, Vlad Tiganas, Radu Raiu, Anastasia ...
  • Kulikovski, Lidia; Foiu, Taisia; Sîrbu, Vera; Biblioteca Municipală „B.P. Hasdeu”; Centrul Academic Internațional Eminescu (S. n., 2017)
    This work represents a research study of a person's life and activity of academician Mihai Cimpoi. The bibliographic research appeared on the 75th anniversary of academician Mihai Cimpoi.
  • Biblioteca Municipală „B.P. Hasdeu” (Litera, 2002)
    The bibliographic volume is the occasion of the 60th anniversary of the literary critic and historian Mihai Cimpoi. The two composers: Dr. Conf. Lidia Kulikovski and Taisia ​​Verebcean designed a two-part structure. The ...

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